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January 2010


We are in desperate need of Foster Homes and Volunteers. We turn down an average of 7 American Bulldogs every week due to lack of Foster Homes. If you would be willing to be a temporary or permanant Foster Home of Volunteer for us, please visit our Foster Home and Volunteer Page.

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Our rescue is relatively new and is struggling to stay alive. We have so many shelters and individuals who contact us every week with stories of American Bulldogs to be rescued. Most of these we have to turn down since we just don't have the resources or help that we need.
Here are some ways that you can help...

Make a Donation
Volunteer in our rescue
Become a foster home

You can also help us by buying cat and dog products through a site who has agreed to donate 10% of any products purchased.

Just visit their site and put in the Promotional Code: ambulldog1


Wisconsin Consolidated Dog Laws

Lakeland Animal Welfare


Dodge County Humane Society

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MWABR is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding loving, permanent homes for unwanted or abandoned American Bulldogs. All rescued dogs are evaluated for temperament and level of training before being placed in the appropriate permanent home. We may not be able to save every American Bulldog, but we will do our best to save and place as many as we are able. MWABR currently serves Wisconsin and neighboring mid-western states including Chicago and nearby suburbs.

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Feature Dog

We have a few dogs that are up for adoption listed on our gallery page. Contact us to give one of these dogs a forever home.

About Us

Our Mission:

The mission of Midwest American Bulldog Rescue is to provide temporary shelter for American Bulldogs abused, abandoned, or otherwise “homeless”.

Code of Ethics:

As a responsible member of Midwest American Bulldog Rescue, Inc., and in keeping with the organization’s Mission Statement, I will do my best to rescue abandoned, mistreated, or unwanted American Bulldogs; to provide veterinary care, food and temporary shelter for such animals; and to locate persons or families to provide permanent homes for these abandoned dogs. In addition, I pledge the following:

A. Animal Care
1. Provide all dogs in my care with adequate quantities of nourishing food and fresh water.
2. Provide safe, secure and clean facilities with adequate shelter.
3. Provide appropriate veterinary care to all dogs, including vaccinations, and parasite treatments when needed, as well as emergency care, when needed.
4. Provide loving attention to every dog as if that dog were my own.

B. Community Affairs
1. Conduct all my affairs concerning MWABR in such a way that my behavior does not bring discredit to its image.
2. Do my best to educate people about responsible pet ownership, the importance of spaying and neutering your pet and the negative aaspects of irresponsible breeding.
3. Clean up after my dogs when walking or exercising them in public and keep them under control when participating in events sponsored by MWABR.
4. Refuse to supply dogs for raffles, “give away” prizes or other such projects.

C. Business Practices
1. Comply with MWABR foster and adoption agreements.
2. Maintain the confidential nature of all electronic and printed information that has not been released as public record.
3. Not engage in malicious criticism or gossip; always practice self-control.
4. Engage in honest and open debate for the purpose of determining what is best for the dogs.

Midwest American Bulldog Rescue